Avalon, about us

Avalon Holdings Inc. was established over 15 years ago build on the foundation of multi faceted experiences of the two founders.

Dedicated to leveraging these skills to provide optimum client response and a central portal for ideas and concepts.

Avalon is a organization committed to fresh ideas and novel solutions.

     Working independently in Philadelphia and Maryland and with Old Structures Engineering of New York, providing consultancy services in field engineering, inspections, surveys and project management of historic, vintage and classic properties. The spectrum of work covers single family homes and row houses, vintage apartment buildings, municipal and government structures, parks department historic properties, churches and ecumenical structures.

Vintage Avalon is a construction services and managment company dedidcated to the preservation, refurbishment and rebuilding of vintage, classic and historical buildings. The company provides consultancy services in architecture, engineering and design. Based in Southern Pennsylvania, New York and Florida.

Founded by Englishman Andy Evans, whose early work as a structural engineer dealing with shoring and support work exposed him to an extensive and diverse catalog of old buildings that were in varying degrees of distress. Growing up in cities full of historic buildings spurred his love of classic architecture and quality construction in an ever changing "instant" world and began his career path, gaining experience and developing methodologies that remain with him to this day.

Over 35 years of wide ranging construction, engineering, architecture and design based skills and experience from property rehabs to major civil engineering projects (bridges, tunnels and roads).


Historic Preservation,
Structural stabilization and support of failing structures,
Exterior and Interior renovations of classic buildings,
Hands-on project manager
Building Inspection (NYC Local Law 11)
Structural and pre-contruction Surveys

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